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'Hiring Insights' is a series of guest posts all about getting hired from previous U of M students. Today's post from Rushi, a coach at the University, offers some great advice from his own experience regarding the importance of interview preparation as well as the different paths to a career. Thanks Rushi!

As one of the 8,000 lucky Google Glass winners I just want to say that these things are awesome. I'm still in disbelief over the fact that I was actually chosen but even more ecstatic about how great they've been. The return on investment is already showing. I'm heading down to Atlanta this weekend for the Final Four and I basically have my glasses to thank. Here's what happened:

It was 10:30 pm the night before my big interview.  My interview was the following morning at 10 am so I set my alarm to wake me up at 7. My suit was dry cleaned and ready to go. I felt confident. I had taken the time to prepare my story and one-minute pitch. I had researched the organization.

I fell asleep and into a great dream where I saw myself waking up, walking into the office, shaking hands with the head man himself, and walking out with the job. Not just any job but my dream job - the philosopher and meditation coach for the Michigan Men's Basketball Team!

And then...I woke up.  The sunlight sliding in through the blinds was a tad too bright for 7 in the morning. When I turned to my nightstand, the clock read 9 am. 9 AM!

The office was 40 minutes away and I had to get ready and dressed in ten minutes just to catch the bus in time. I had planned to review my notes and go over some Linkedin profiles of my interviewers in the morning - so much for that.

I grabbed my keys, phone and glasses. I tied my tie as I walked out the door. Then it hit me: Use my glasses! Review the Linkedin profile!

"OK glass, google the Linkedin Profile of John Beilein."  And right there in the top right corner of the lens, I could see everything I needed to know about boss number one. Yes!

I panicked when I got on the bus, trying to remember how I could answer some of those dreaded behavioral questions.  The STAR model, I knew what it was called but forgot what it stood for. I was panicking.

"OK Glass, go to Career Center website, Interviewing Techniques, Star." 

And then it popped up in my lens. "Situation, Task, Action, Result"  Awesome! I've got this!

I took a few deep breaths. When I walked into the building I saw a one of the basketball players sitting on the couch. It was Horford - very calm and reading the Tao Te Ching. I felt right at home. For inspiration, I stepped outside for a moment and gave another instruction to Google Glass.

"OK glass, search Youtube for Michigan vs. Kansas Game Winning Shot." 

Thirty-five feet away. Swish! Tie game! I was inspired.

After a few deep breaths I went back inside. I rocked the interview! Now I'm on my way to Atlanta to make sure the team stays level headed and in the moment even at the Final Four.  I owe it all to Google Glass for helping me in the interview process! 

By the way, here is the tweet I submitted to Google for the Google Glass contest:

Photo credit: Happy April Fools Day

Though Google Glass has not come out yet, how would you use it to help you in your job search?