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The Oxford handbook of the history of medicine / edited by Mark Jackson
Call number: R 131 .O85 2011; Publication Date:  2011
Bringing together over thirty international scholars, this handbook provides a constructive overview of the current state of debates about methods, themes and sources and offers new directions for future scholarship.  There are three sections: the first explores the methodological challenges and historiographical debates generated by working in particular historical ages; the second explores the history of medicine in specific regions of the world and their medical traditions, and includes discussion of the global history of medicine; the final section analyses, from broad chronological and geographical perspectives, both established and emerging historical themes and methodological debates in the history of medicine. - - from

The history of medicine : a beginner's guide / Mark Jackson
Call number:  R131 .J33 2014; Publication Date:  2014
By illuminating the ailments and methods of the past, our own dilemmas about medical practice and policy can be put into a new perspective. Historian Mark Jackson takes us from the dawn of medicine in the ancient world to the most recent developments pioneered in the 21st century’s hospitals. Jackson also explores Indian and Chinese traditions, as well as the origins of today’s so-called alternative therapies, offering piercing insight into how medicine has reflected and shaped society throughout the ages. - - from

The greatest benefit to mankind : a medical history of humanity / Roy Porter
Call number:  R 131 .P591 1998; Publication Date:  1998
Bridges Western and Eastern cultures and is packed with vivid anecdotes of patients and practitioners.  The book illuminates much of medicine's historical landscape and shows how our expectations of health and life have been transformed by modern medicine and science. - - from

Mavericks, miracles, and medicine : the pioneers who risked their lives to bring medicine into the modern age / Julie M. Fenster
Call number: R 134.5 .F461 2003; Publication Date:  2003
The companion to The History Channel series “Mavericks, Miracles, and Medicine". - - from Carroll & Graf Publishers

Companion encyclopedia of the history of medicine / edited by W. F. Bynum and Roy Porter
Call number:  R 131 .C6511 1993 (Vol. 1); R 131 .C6511 1993 (Vol. 2); Publication Date:  1993
A comprehensive reference work (2-volume set) which surveys all aspects of the history of medicine, both clinical and social, and reflects the complementary approaches to the discipline. - - from

National Library of Medicine
The NLM's History of Medicine Division collects, preserves, makes available, and interprets for diverse audiences one of the world's richest collections of historical material related to human health and disease. - - from NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine website (

Bulletin of the History of Medicine
A leading journal in its field, the Bulletin spans the social, cultural, and scientific aspects of the history of medicine worldwide. Every issue includes reviews of recent books on medical history. Bulletin of the History of Medicine is the official publication of the American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM) and the Johns Hopkins Institute of the History of Medicine. - - from The Johns Hopkins University Press website (

Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine
A short documentary from the New England Journal of Medicine that explores three remarkable stories of medical progress: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Surgery. The film looks at the role of researchers and clinicians, of patients, their families and their advocates, and how information is translated into action. It is the story of research, clinical practice and patient care, and how we have continued to get better over the last 200 years. - - from the New England Journal of Medicine Group

The D.O.’s: Osteopathic Medicine in America. Norman Gevitz. Tucson, AZ: Galen Press, 2004.
Where did Osteopathic Medicine, "the other" medical degree, come from? Who are these physicians? What is their training, history, and culture? This entertaining and enlightening book must be read by anyone considering this field, those training or practicing as D.O.s, and anyone whose colleague or doctor is an osteopathic physician. (Hatcher Graduate [Missing]: RZ 325 .U6 G481 2004) (Taubman Health Sciences: RZ 325 .U6 G481 1982)