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meter / gauge that measures and displays the number of students who have participated in the first year resume challenge

We know every college student is going to need a great resume, so we're challenging the first-year class to the FIRST-YEAR RESUME CHALLENGE!

The goal: Let's shoot for at least 50% of the class to take a step towards making their resume Michigan ready.  

As of Monday, November 26th, 2018, there have been 953 first-year Michigan students who have taken the challenge- that's 24% of our goal of half the class!

meter showing percentage of students who have participated in the resume challenge

Be part of the group that reaches the goal. It's easy! 

(1) Go to and login through your umich account.
(2) Upload a PDF version of your resume.
(3) Get the automatic feedback from the comfort of your room and incorpate the feedback onto your new and improved resume!

Don't have a resume yet? Already added your VMOCK feedback but need some in-person advice? We got this! Check out our online events and search "Resume Lab" to sign up for an in-person lab.

Good luck and Go Blue!