University Career Center

The UM Reference Letter Service will close on June 30, 2018.  Please plan accordingly and send all questions to or 734/764-7459.  

The University Career Center’s Reference Letter Service (RLS) will forward reference letters for employment purposes after verifying that an opening exists with the hiring personnel of a company or organization.  When submitting employment-related requests, it is necessary to include complete contact information with the hiring person’s name, title, and phone number, as well as the job title of the open position.  Failure to provide complete contact information may result in processing delays.

Note that reference letters on behalf of PhDs applying for academic positions are usually sent electronically at the request of the hiring chair.  To prepare to send your letters electronically, take the following steps:

1. Request letters from your recommenders

2. When completing your employment applications, in the letters of recommendation section, enter one RLS email address as each letter writer’s contact email:

3. When submitting your request to send letters via the RLS, choose the “Electronic Upload” option.

Note that in order to protect the confidentiality of the reference letters, the RLS is unable to send letters to certain parties, including but not limited to, current employers, residential addresses, and third-party recruitment services. The RLS may deny a request for which complete or verifiable information is not obtainable.

For questions, please contact the RLS at 734-764-7459 or send an e-mail to