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Every Tuesday, join us here as we plan to highlight a few positions that we think you'll find particularly interesting. Learn more by checking out each pick on Handshake. While you're there, see what other interesting opportunities you find! Handshake is a great way to start exploring your career options and it is also the best way to stay informed on what you need to know as a job or internship seeker while you're a student here at U of M. Besides housing job & internship opportunities, Handshake also contains information about employer presentations, career fairs, work-shops, and on-campus interviews.

Angelicia Morton, Information Services Manager

ANGEL'S PICK: Clinical Researcher and Assistant at Rubitection Inc.

I have always Known Pennsylvania for its great mountains and rivers, but i have recently learned about the several career and internship opportunities. As I searched for the keyword clinical, a new business named Rubitection Inc. caught my attention. Great opportunities by this company await for many students interested in preparation for medical and nursing school. Rubitection Inc. is an upcoming company that is developing low cost tools for early stage pressure ulcer diagnosis.  

This business is now giving chance to students of all years of education to become a clinical research assistant. This position allows the intern to organize clinical study on people to evaluate the technology. The individual will be able to travel to several sites and collect data. An ideal position for a student seeking clinical research experience for graduate school.

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Sally Schueneman, Career Events Manager

SALLY'S PICK: Human Resources Assistant at Cleveland Indians Baseball

Students interested in human resources can find the job/internship search challenging because, unlike many fields (eg: education, consulting) there isn't an HR "industry"  It's a career area the spans all industries. My pick this week is a fun example.  

As an HR Assistant with the Cleveland Indians you'll be involved in all aspects of human resources:  benefits (orientations and events); recruitment (resume reviews, phone interviews) and Training and Development (new staff training; park tours).'ll get to catch an occasional game!

You can find more job/internship positions in Handshake:  Select "Jobs" and use the Keyword Search (Human Resources).  Select the + button to save the search and stay on top of new HR postings.

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Nate Hill, Content/Community Strategist

NATE'S PICK: Internships Spring 2017 at Southwestern Airlines
APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 24, 2016

As someone who loves flying (though not as a pilot even though that would fun to try) I have a soft spot for airlines and internships. Southwest Airlines happens to be one of the airlines I like a lot, from a customer perspective, because they seem to have a cool company culture and really attractive prices :-)

Now I could go into more detail on why I think their corporate culture is reason enough for you to apply but I hope that you do that because I think you’ll find out for yourself whether this is something that fits with your personality and values. 

Oh and allow me to add that this internship looks like it’s applicable to pretty much all students regardless of major and career interest — as Southwest Airlines is a huge organization that has roles and responsibilities that span the creative fields, the engineering fields, the marketing & PR fields as well as financial and policy-related fields.

So you should be able to find something at this organization that really excites you and that you’re passionate about, which is really (if you exclude biases) the reason I picked this position for you. 

Plus, and this is kind of a big deal, for the days you’re not working you can standby for (a really low amount, maybe free) flights that have open seats left. So if you want to hop over to NYC for the summer or Houston (since you’d be in Dallas) or Austin or LA — or wherever — that’ll be an option for you.

Whatever you decide though find an opportunity that you enjoy and that provides you with exciting opportunities to grow and develop skills you can use for the rest of your life. Go Blue!  

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