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Andree Joyaux, Recruitment Coordinator

ANDREE'S PICK: Statistical Programmer at Gilead Sciences
APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 29th, 2016

This job sits at the intersection of several fast-growing and fast-changing fields: healthcare + technology + informatics. And Gilead Sciences was ranked #4 onFortune magazine’s list of companies changing the world. This combination sounds great to me!

Gilead is a very large, global biopharmaceutical company with 8,000 employees on six continents. Gilead develops products with partners in science, academia, business and local communities. The sheer size and scope of the company’s operations and collaborations ensure plenty of opportunities for career growth. And with the company’s focus on both blockbuster pharmaceuticals and emerging biotechnologies, it has the resources of a big corporation combined with some very focused research and development units that likely function with a more entrepreneurial approach.

At the same time, the role of a statistical programmer has grown and changed in the recent past. In the biotech/pharma industry, the volume, sources, and applications of data are growing exponentially and “big data” has the potential to transform the industry – if companies can translate it into actionable business intelligence which requires statistical programming. Statisticians are increasingly playing roles in research & development, manufacturing, and sales & marketing, and they work with colleagues across disciplines such as doctors, pharmacists, scientists, production managers, marketing executives, sales people and more.

For those reasons, this positions sounds like a great way to break into the industry, be exposed to many functions and applications of statistical programming, make connections with colleagues across the company and around the world, help further the function and its uses, and contribute to products that make a real difference in people’s lives. What’s not to love?!

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Joelle Fundaro, Career Coach

JOELLE'S PICK: Market Research at Cleveland Indians Baseball

Are you interested in Marketing and Sports? This internship's primary role is to assist with the market research activities of the Brand department and provide a better, more enhanced understanding of the Cleveland Indians fanbase! Emphasis placed on department programs and projects while having the opportunity to learn about the business function of professional sports.

The intern will assist Director of Brand Management and Brand Analyst to execute fan research survey design, data collection, analysis and sharing of analysis across relevant departments. You would also have a game day time commitment for home games! What a great opportunity! 

Be sure to check it out if you want to be explore the sports industry. Be sure to explore on Handshake. 

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Madison Lehman, Marketing Intern

MADDY'S PICK: International Monitoring Internship at United Nations Information Center

This internship looks like an amazing opportunity for students. Interns in this program have the chance to attend Capital Hill hearings and NGO/ think tank briefings on a variety of international subjects and are tasked with reporting back to the office and UN headquarters on what was said. Interns are also responsible for assisting with UN events, outreach and public inquiries. At this internship, you will be able to develop both your written and interpersonal communication skills along with obtaining first-hand experience with UN and NGO policies. Being someone that is extremely interested in communications and United Nations work, I feel that this is an opportunity students really shouldn't miss out on!

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