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Nicole Haase, Career Adviser Immersion Coordinator

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NICOLES'S PICK: Summer Internship Opportunity for Merchandising/Marketing - Meijer

Due to my origins from the West side of the state, I was interested to see what cool opportunities are available there for students looking for a 2016 summer internship. I did a location search for 50 miles around the Grand Rapids area and I came across internships that Meijer has available, and decided to read more into their 'Merchandising/Marketing' internship.  Many students choose to have a part time job in retail while they are in school, to have a little extra spending money or to help pay for their education - but what they may not realize are the opportunities that are available outside of the part time retail associate role. This internship will allow a student to gain valuable experience in the strategic and tactical aspects of merchandising, planning, and marketing. 

This past summer, a few of us from The Career Center made a visit up to Meijer's corporate office in Grand Rapids to learn more about what career opportunities they have available for our students, and even got to meet with the group of UM interns that were currently in their internships at Meijer. One theme that consistently rang true after being able to hear the interns talk about their experience - is how practical they found the internship to be. They were working on projects that had real value and merit to the work that Meijer is doing, and truly making a difference within the company. They also spoke to the opportunities available to meet with many employees throughout the company, from entry level up to executive - they were all invested in making sure the interns were getting the most out of their summer internship experience at Meijer.

​Whether you hail from the West side of the state or are looking to step outside of your comfort zone and experience a summer where you are a mere 45 minutes away from the lakeshore, moving to Grand Rapids for a summer to intern with one of the largest privately owned company's in the country is worth checking out!

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Joelle Fundaro, Career Coach



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JOELLE'S PICK: Manhattan Sports Business Academy Summer 2016 - Manhattan Sports Business Academy

Have you heard about the Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA) that is an eight-week summer immersion program based in New York City and designed for college students & young professionals seeking career acceleration in the sports industry. This experience is competitive selection process, MSBA delivers a unique and comprehensive learning experience to an intimate group of members through internship placement, a weekly speaker series, office field trips, mentorship, career workshops, weekend group outings, and professional development curriculum. Sounds fantastic right! 

They ensure their members understand the sports industry at every level while helping them build a network of established executives from top-tier organizations and connecting them with like-minded peers from across the world. Be sure to NOTE: MSBA Office of Admissions carefully evaluates each application soon as all required information is received. They execute a rolling policy for admissions so serious applicants should plan to submit early.


  • Student Housing in Manhattan
  • Internship Placement
  • Mentor Pairing
  • Exclusive Programming including Speaker Series, Office Field Trips, Workshop Series, Active Networking, and Group Outings
  • Professional Development Services
  • Lifelong Community Membership

Be sure to check it out if you want to be explore the sports industry. Be sure to explore on Handshake.

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AMINTA'S PICK: Marketing - The World Cooking Project

Do you enjoy foods from around the globe? Or do you have a knack for marketing? The World Cooking Project is a start up company that allows people to cook with chefs from around the world without leaving their own kitchen. If you would like to be involved with a company that encourages people to learn about distant lands and connect with new cultures and people this could be a great place to start. Since this is a small company there will be many occasions where you will be directly in contact with the owners and you can really grow and expand your skills in all aspects of marketing from community engagement to managing the company social media sites.

The way I found this internship was by searching for internships under the key word food. With a field like Marketing you have the freedom of choosing what type of companies you want to work for, in this case I looked at ones related to the food industry.

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