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Every Monday, join us here as we plan to highlight a few positions that we think you'll find particularly interesting. Learn more by checking out each pick on Handshake. While you're there, see what other interesting opportunities you find! Handshake is a great way to start exploring your career options and it is also the best way to stay informed on what you need to know as a job or internship seeker while you're a student here at U of M. Besides housing job & internship opportunities, Handshake also contains information about employer presentations, career fairs, work-shops, and on-campus interviews.

Aminta Valmon-Charles, Information Desk Assistant

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AMINTA'S PICK: Marketing and Graphic Design Tourism Internship - Quetzaltrekkers Leon

Have you ever had to make the decision between enjoying your summer or gaining experience through an internship? Do you love hiking and the outdoors? Well this might be a great opportunity for you! Quetzaltrekkers is a non-profit organization based in León, Nicaragua; they work with at-risk youth in León by funding their own scholarship program and providing funding for special projects such as the construction of a school on Volcan Telica. The way they raise the money for the scholarships and special programs is by leading “treks” on volcanic mountain peaks in the surrounding areas, but as an intern you would get to do all hikes for free. So you might be wondering, “This sounds great but what do I actually have to do”.  For this internship you work on various projects -which you can help tailor, work with the companies social media accounts, along with other gaining other marketing experience. 

The way I found this internship was by searching for internships under the major of Architecture. At first glance I thought that there wasn’t a connection, but with an internship like this it is all about focusing on your own interests and tailoring your experience to fit you.

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Alex Butler, Information Desk Assistant


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ALEX'S PICK: Brand Ambassador - Lyft

Lyft has listed a great new opportunity to become a brand ambassador at the University of Michigan! This experience will allow you to work as the “the connective tissue” between Lyft HQ and the greater Ann Arbor area. Through this position, you will have the opportunity to learn how to leverage social media accounts in order to reach a broad audience, strategize, and work on a team for the betterment of a brand. If you are still looking for a meaningful learning opportunity to compliment your studies, consider applying for the Lyft brand ambassador position today.

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GENI'S PICK: Deloitte Consulting National Leadership Conference - Human Capital Strategy at Deloitte

Calling all sophomores! If you have an interest in the consulting field and are looking for an opportunity to grow your leadership skills, you might want to consider applying for the Deloitte Consulting National Leadership Conference. This short term experience allows students with sophomore standing from across multiple universities to engage directly with Deloitte professionals. Here you will "build your leadership, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving skills in workshops and networking activities" all at the Deloitte facilities in Westlake, Texas.  If you are selected, airfare, lodging, transportation, and all your meals are included!

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