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Ashlen Olive, Marketing Specialist

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ASHLEN'S PICK: Art, Beer and Wine Festival: Event Management Intern - Ella Sharp Museum

  1. Do you like Art, Beer, and Wine?
  2. Do you like marketing/PR/communications and/or event planning?
  3. Would it be your dream to work for a museum?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this Event Management internship is for you. You will have the opportunity to assist the festival director in maintaining and establishing relationships with various vendors, developing a marketing plan for the entire event, recruit for volunteers, obtain sponsors, and so much more. It's a great resume builder and definitely the perfect position for a people-person!

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Angel Morton, Information Services Manager



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ANGEL'S PICK: Human Resources Intern - GCM Grosvenor

What makes Human Resource Managers successful? Is it their expertise in aspects of human resources or problem solving skills or communication skills or any other?

Below are some of the qualities and characteristics of successful Human Resource Managers:

Communicator: Communication plays a vital role in any organization and HR takes a major role in this. HR managers play a major role in this. One of the quality of a good communicator is to have good listening skills. Employees come to HR managers on various issues. Listening to employees with full attention is one of good quality of a successful HR Manager.

Innovation: Not every issue has a same or easy or ready solution. Successful HR Managers think out of the box and deliver the best solution to their employees and the organization.

Approachable: HR handles various aspects of employees. Successful HR Managers have an open door policy and are approachable to their employees.

Time Management and Self Discipline: Successful HR Managers are good at managing their time. They plan their day not just to complete their day-to-day activities but also cater time for sudden issues.

Decision maker: Successful HR Managers are strategic planners and take decisions which are apt and considering all the facts. They are not afraid to make the hard decisions for the benefit of the organization.

Motivator: Every employee has different goals and objectives to achieve. Successful HR Managers are committed to motivate. Successful HR Managers know and understand what motivates employees and strive to give it to them.

Leader: A leader is one who visualizes big picture, focus on people, progress and achievements, does the right thing and encouraging a rewarding culture. And this is what the successful HR Managers possess.

- Suresh Amara, Founder & Director at UdhyogIndia


If you embody any of these characteristics, apply for the Human Resources Intern position with GCM Grosvenor in Chicago, IL. It is position #248383. I found this position by typing "Human Resources" in the search engine. I also set filters: Location (Chicago), Job Type (internship), and Job Function (Human Resources).

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Alex Butler, Information Desk Assistant


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ALEX'S PICK: Squarespace Initial Commit: Design Internship Summer 2016 - Squarespace

Have you ever wanted to spend an entire summer in NYC working for a company that emphasizes the power of design? Look no further than the Squarespace Summer Design Internship! This internship provides interns with the opportunity to learn all aspects of design and how they impact user experiences and the overall branding of the company. In addition, you will have the chance to join other creative, entrepreneurial students seeking a unique experience to add to their resume. If you are passionate about solving problems with some of the best designers in the field, consider interning with Squarespace this summer!

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