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Every week, we highlight a few positions that we think you'll find interesting. Learn more by checking out each pick on Handshake. While you're there, see what other interesting opportunities you find! Handshake is a great way to start exploring your career options and it is also the best way to stay informed on what you need to know as a job or internship seeker while you're a student here at U of M. Besides housing job & internship opportunities, Handshake also contains information about employer presentations, career fairs, work-shops, and on-campus interviews.

Sally Schueneman, Career Events Manager

photo of Sally and her staff pick

SALLY'S PICK: College Access and Success Coach at College Possible (an AmeriCorps Organization)

Looking at job postings in Handshake can be an overwhelming experience...especially with 8,355 jobs and 3,704 internships! That's where the filters come in handy.

For this staff pick I used the "Location" filter; entered Minneapolis (frequently included on lists of top 10 cities for new grads); and adjusted the "Miles" radius to 10 miles.

College Possible coaches low-income students "to and through college" and has a number of one year roles. From high school coaching to grant writing to event planning you'll work to break the cycle of poverty by empowering students on the path to college.

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Nate Hill, Social Media & Community Engagement Strategist

Nate alongside his Staff Pick

NATE'S PICK: Production/Digital Intern at Fox Sports Detroit

This position is for the Fall (versus the summer) so you'll need to make sure that your schedule  will allow for it. With that out the way, this seems like a great opportunity if you're interestred in sports or media production.

If you're interested in sports then you'll have the opportunity to be involved with the coverage of the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers, Big Ten hockey and high school championships.

If you're interested in the production side then you'll get hands-on experience with studio production and creating digital content -- either in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

Ideally you'll have a passion for both. But as long as you're open to sports and media production you should give it serious consideration because sometimes you won't have a clear idea of what you think about it until immerse yourself in it and give it a try. 

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Angelicia Morton, Information Services Manager

Angel alongside her staff pick

ANGEL'S PICK: Public Health Internship Program at the NYC Health Department

To find this internship I used 'Healthcare Industry', 'Research', and 'Biotech' filters. The reason why this internship interested me was because I supervise students who are interested in the medical field. This internship would be a perfect match for them -- and I'm assuming it'd be a great match for other students as well. It has research, administration, exposure to the health field, and skill development built in to the role. Also the pull of New York City is very attractive for some students. 

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