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Every week, we highlight a few positions that we think you'll find interesting. Learn more by checking out each pick on Handshake. While you're there, see what other interesting opportunities you find! Handshake is a great way to start exploring your career options and it is also the best way to stay informed on what you need to know as a job or internship seeker while you're a student here at U of M. Besides housing job & internship opportunities, Handshake also contains information about employer presentations, career fairs, workshops, and on-campus interviews.

Andree Joyaux, Recruitment Coordinator

Andree's Pick for Cool Jobs & Internships

ANDREE'S PICK: Product Design Intern at 1stdibs​

OMG -- this position looks so great to me! Why? Because:

  1. 1st Dibs is such a cool company! Founded by a young design expert as a small boutique web business and now the world's largest online market place for furniture, fashion, and art - both vintage and new. Every designer in the world shops there, seriously (or wishes they could).
  2. Product design roles bring together lots of skills and expertise -- creative, design, user experience, new technology, customer service, and business. What a great mix!
  3. It operates like a small start-up but now that it's achieved 15 years of phenomenal success, the company knows how to make things happen and get things done. The best of both worlds, really.
  4. Art and culture have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, society and life overall. This is a real opportunity to impact our world.

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Nate Hill, Social Media & Community Engagement Strategist

Nate's Pick for Cool Jobs & Internships

NATE'S PICK: Orlando Magic Season Internship Program at the NBA's Orlando Magic

The application deadline for this internship is next week. So if you want to be a part of this opportunity you’ll have to quickly put in the time & effort needed to research and apply for this position. (hint: recruiters love when you properly research their organization and can articulate why you want to work there and why you'd be a great fit)

The reason I chose this is because we just got back from Atlanta. We took a group of U of M students down to visit the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Braves over Spring Break. I'm also still thinking about basketball since March Madness just ended ⏤ but I'm getting off topic.

The Orlando Magic appear to have a similar internship program to the Atlanta Braves. And from everything I heard about the Braves' program, interning at a sports organization is the best way for an upcoming or recent grad to get hired into sports.

Learn the culture. See what they expect and look for in their people. Get a real inside look at what it’s like to work there over the course of a season and during the off-season. Compare what you envision working in sports to be with what it is in reality. See how those two concepts are similar and different from one another. It may further confirm that a career in sports is for you or you may find the opposite.

Also make sure to think of the internship experience as a mini-audition. Because they’re most likely using this 12-month internship as a test run to find people who they want to stay and join their organization in a full-time role once those positions open up.

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Sally Schueneman, Career Events Manager

Sally's Pick for Cool Jobs & Internships

SALLY'S PICK: Instrument Petting Zookeeper/Summer Production Coordinator at the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra​

Don't you love this internship title - a zookeeper for instruments!

This is a great opportunity if you love music and want to introduce others to the orchestra. You'll plan educational events, work with kids who want to visit the "zoo", and teach children about the sounds that make an orchestra. You'll also train and supervise volunteer zookeepers and oversee Community Engagement Interns at summer events.

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Photo Credit: U-M Student Life Photography