University Career Center

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Whether you are trying to increase favorable votes or building the number of relationships you have in your professional networks -- community building matters.

Similar to the voting competition we have going on with the Kansas University Career Center, in your job search you want to get the word out about things that are important to you (i.e., what your interests are, where your geographical preferences lie as well as the type of organizational culture that suits your style).

It's important to utilize the communities that you are a part of (i.e., the groups of people you associate with; often comprised of colleagues, peers, family and friends) because as life goes on you'll most likely lean more and more upon them. The opportunities you discover from those you remain in contact with, as well as those you meet, should provide dividends multiple times over. Just ask LinkedIn, whose data shows that approximately 85% of job opportunities are the result of 2nd level connections - connections affectionately known as weak ties in the networking world but simply as friend of a friend everywhere else.

So while we're extremely proud of our men's basketball team and excited to cheer them on as they ramp up to play Kansas University - for a shot at moving on to the Elite 8 - we're also excited that we get a chance to rely on you and the rest of the amazing U of M community to support us in our friendly competition. And we'll be even happier if you take what we're doing as an example of utilizing your community when you navigate through your own job and/or internship search - though we're still here if you need us.

Go Blue! And don't forget that this Friday (March 29th 2013) we need you to spread the word to your friends, classmates and the rest of the U of M community -- Vote for Michigan Basketball!!!