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INNOVATE (U-Entrepreneurship Conference)
More than 500,000 living Michigan alumni are making a difference everyday. Are you?
Attend the U-Entrepreneurship Conference to learn about creating an impact in our modern society,experience the process of creating change, and develop important professional (career) skills. This event is open to all students. 
Some amazing opportunities:
  • Be part of the largest student-run entrepreneurship and venture capital conference. We are aiming to have 1400 attendees from 20 different universities and institutions.
  • Learn from inspirational and successful CEOs (Founder of Reddit, Founder of MooseJaw, Former CEO of Domino's Pizza, CEO of Big Boy & more).
  • Be inspired by recent Michigan grads that are making it big in the startup world (Crib Spot, CentriCycle, & myFab5).
  • Visit the startup scene in Detroit (Detroit Venture Partners, Bizdom, Chase Building, Grand Circus & more).
  • Pitch to investors and get the opportunity to be recognized by the Michigan community & Ann Arbor Spark.
  • Have fun attending networking and career events (Venture Expo, U-E Welcome Party, & Bar Night).
Our speakers have been featured in the Fast Company, WSJ, Fortune, NPR, CNBC, New York Times, CNN, The Economist, WIRED,TechCrunch, Forbes, MSNBC, FOX, and Inc.
Visit for more information, including purschasing tickets.