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As a current student, it's important to know what skills and qualities are needed to secure an internship or entry-level job following graduation.  But what about after you land that first job?  How are you going to move up the ladder, secure promotions, or eventually become the CEO or start your own organization?  Check out the information below to see what 4,100 professionals in 32 countries deem as 'most important' in their current careers and what they perceive to be important for future upward mobility.  

Then think about yourself.  How can you demonstrate skills from your current experiences (classes, volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, etc.)?  How can you further develop these now and in your next internship or job?  How can you begin and continue to grow your professional network/community?  How do you react to change and ambiguity and how can you improve your flexibility/adaptability?  These are tough questions but it’s better to consider them, consult with a career coach, and then intentionally improve your current and future marketability in the workplace.

how new Accenture research for International Women's Day finds both men and women confident in the face of change

VIA: Vault
SOURCE: Accenture (2014 Women’s Research—Career Capital)