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How do I respond to employers when they ask me to talk about myself? What do I write in a LinkedIn summary? What is a 30-second elevator pitch? These are some of the many questions we get asked on a daily basis from students.

We know how hard the elevator pitch, LinkedIn summary, and dreaded "tell me about yourself" question can be, but to ensure you don't draw a blank when you are talking to employers or staring at your computer screen, it is important to have a strong personal brand that you will present in many different forms over the course of your career.

We've picked 4 articles that will help you get started with crafting your personal brand.

1. The First Step To Building Your Personal Brand

"Whether you’re on the job hunt, a student, or gainfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader. With the surge of social media, you have not only the ability, but you now have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life." In this article, Megan Marrs offers practical steps to help readers build their personal brand.

2. Personal Branding For College Students

"Everything you learned through your college courses, internships, jobs and extracurricular activities can be shared through personal branding. When you enter the job market, you will be competing with other candidates who may have more job experience than you. Personal branding can help you compensate for your lack of job experience because it showcases what you have learned through your college experience." Learn more about why it is important to consider your personal brand as a college student.

3. Experts To Students: Build Your Brand Now, Get Hired Later

"According to research by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, 36% of college-educated workers under the age of 25 have jobs that don’t require a degree, up from 27.4% in 2007. So what more can college students do to snag the job — and the income — they’re working for? According to some experts, it’s all about personal branding, or the art of cultivating a professional Web presence that shows the world what you have to offer." See how one college student got a jumpstart to her career by building a strong personal brand.

4. How To Build Your Personal Brand Statement

"The personal brand statement is not a job title. A job title is what others will try to classify you with, what employers and others want you to be to fit you into a corporate setting. You deserve better than that. It’s also not your personal mission statement, career objectives or even life purpose. These are much more long-term concepts intended to guide you through life and not aimed at marketing you to anybody." Jorgen Sundberg's article offers advice and guidance on how to get started with a personal brand statement.

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